Mobile app enables users to verify the quality of water across the U.S.

Water safety is a serious issue that impacts people around the world. While men and women everywhere want to feel confident in the quality of water that they consume, it can be difficult to discern how healthy a water supply source truly is, especially for some who are newcomers to a specific region or who live in areas without improved water sources.

For those in the U.S., a mobile application recently designed to help people learn more about the condition of water can be a great resource. This device, when used in conjunction with a portable water filter, can help individuals feel more secure about the water they consume and come into contact with while in different environments.

What is My Waterway?
Developed by the Environmental Protection Agency, My Waterway was launched in October 2012 and allows users to determine the integrity of water in thousands of lakes, streams and rivers across the U.S.

The app can be accessed on smartphones, tablets or desktop computers and was created in honor of the 40th anniversary of the Clean Water Act, which was enacted in 1972 and raises awareness of the importance of conservation and stewardship over bodies of water.

"This new app provides easy, user-friendly access to the health of a waterway, whether it is safe for swimming and fishing, and what is being done about any reported problems," said Nancy Stoner, acting assistant administrator for the EPA's Office of Water. "People can get this information whether researching at a desktop or standing streamside looking at a smartphone."

Choosing portable water filters
Whether you're planning to go on a trip or you just want to be prepared for potential emergencies that could occur, knowing where to find a reliable water source can provide you with peace of mind and an invaluable layer of security.

While mobile technology can provide you with a tremendous asset in your efforts to discern whether drinking water is safe, you can take measures into your own hands – and enjoy additional convenience in the process – by investing in portable water filters.

The best water filter enables users to drink tap water wherever they may be, and unlike some commercial filters, those provided by SteriPEN are specially formulated to remove harmful bacteria and other contaminants that can cause waterborne illness, including malaria, hepatitis A and typhus. 

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